Recommended English Names
For Fungi In The UK

In 2000, under the umbrella of the Fungus Conservation Forum, the British Mycological Society, Countryside Council for Wales, Environment Heritage Service (Northern Ireland), English Nature, Plantlife International and Scottish Natural Heritage joined forces to produce a list of recommended English names for approx 1,000 species of fungi in order to give them a more popular, accessible identity.

Plantlife International is the UK's leading charity dedicated to the conservation of wild plants in their natural habitats. Plantlife International hosts the secretariat for Planta Europa, the network of organisations working for plant conservation across Europe.

The English name list has been incorporated into the BMS Fungal Records Database, the National Biodiversity Network and is also available as pdf on the BMS, British Mycological Society

The list (pdf) also available here:

Kindly notice, I try to use as much as possible these recommended English names for fungi in the UK. Other names I use on my site are marked with *. Some species has not English name at all, or, I just don't know it yet. So, these nameless species are missing from the English version, but available on the international version with scientific (Latin) names, also maybe in Finnish, in Swedish and / or in Hungarian.

Seppo Kytoharju, Finland