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  Recommended names

  Aniseed Funnel
  Arched Woodwax
  Ashen Knight

  Bay Bolete
  Bearded Milkcap
  Birch Milkcap
  Birch Polypore
  Birch Webcap
  Bitter Bolete
  Black Morel *
  Blackening Waxcap
  Blushing Wood Mushroom
  Bolete Mould
  Bulbous Honey Fungus
  Bovine Bolete
  Brown Birch Bolete
  Brown Puffball
  Brown Rollrim

  Cinnabar Bracket
  Cinnabar Powdercap
  Cinnamon Webcap
  Clinker Polypore
  Clouded Funnel
  Common Funnel
  Common Inkcap
  Common Puffball
  Conifer Roundhead
  Conifer Roundhead
  Conifer Tuft
  Copper Brittlegill
  Cultivated Mushroom
  Curry Milkcap

  Dappled Webcap
  Destroying Angel

  Earthy Powdercap
  Elfin Saddle

  Fairy Ring Champignon
  False Chanterelle
  False Morel
  False Saffron Milkcap
  False Saffron Milkcap *
  False Truffle
  Fenugreek Milkcap
  Finescaly Honey Fungus*
  Flaming Scalycap
  Fly Agaric
  Foxy Bolete
  Fringed Polypore

  Gassy Webcap
  Ghost Bolete
  Golden Bootleg
  Golden Navel
  Giant Club
  Glistening Inkcap
  Goatcheese Webcap
  Grey Veiled Amanita

  Hairy Bracket
  Herald of Winter
  Honey Fungus* (nordic sp)
  Hoof Fungus
  Horn of Plenty
  Horse Mushroom


  Larch Bolete
  Leafy Brain

  Milk White Brittlegill
  Mottled Bolete

  Olive Oysterling
  Orange Birch Bolete
  Orange Milkcap
  Oyster Mushroom

  Pale Oyster
  Pearly Powdercap
  Penny Bun or Cep
  Peppery Bolete
  Pestle Puffball
  Pickle Milkcap*
  Pine Bolete
  Pipe Club
  Plums and Custard
  Poushed False Morel
  Powdery Piggyback

  Razorstrop Fungus
  Red Banded Polypore
  Red Banded Webcap
  Rosy Crust
  Rosy Spike
  Rufous Milkcap

  Saffron Milkcap
  Scaly Webcap
  Shaggy Inkcap
  Shaggy Parasol
  Shaggy Scalycap
  Sheep Polypore*
  Slimy Spike
  Slippery Jack
  Small Stagshorn
  Snaketongue truffleclub
  Soapy Knight
  Sooty Milkcap
  Spring Fieldcap
  Sprucecone Cap
  Stinking Brittlegill
  Stinking Earthfan
  Surprise Webcap
  Sycamore Tarspot

  Tall Russule*
  Tawny Grisette
  The Gipsy
  The Humpback
  The Miller
  The Prince
  Trumpet Chantarelle

  Ugly Milkcap

  Velvet Bolete
  Velvet Rollrim*
  Velvet Shank I
  Velvet Shank II
  Verdigris Agaric*

  Winter Polypore
  Wood Blewit
  Wood Hedgehog
  Wood Mushroom*
  Woolly Milkcap
  Wrinkled Crust

  Yellow Brain
  Yellow Fieldcap
  Yellow Stagshorn
  Yellow Swamp Brittlegill

  *)   not on the list of
  recommended English
  names for fungi in the UK

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